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Camera Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2013 01:25PM CDT

Here are some suggestions to help troubleshoot camera issues.

1. Make sure your camera is connected. A USB connection to your computer is needed unless you are using an internal laptop camera.

2. Make sure no other software for your camera is running at the same time you want to use it with GradeCam.

At this time, GrameCam works with many document cameras but only if they have a USB driver that allows them to be used like a web camera. Many newer doc cameras have this feature, but not all. 


1. Too much lighting can affect the ability to scan. Try dimming the lights or shading the test sheet to see if that is helpful.

2. Try to focus the camera lens (for GradeCam cameras: twist the black ring around the lens).

3. Make sure the entire exam rectangle can be seen by the camera. All four corners of the test should be seen with no thumb or pencil mark obstructing the rectangle.

4. The image cannot be upside down when viewing. 

5. The answer key needs to have the ID bubbles in (it does not matter what the ID is, but all bubbles need filled in).

6. All digits in the student ID must be filled in. Use a zero in the beginning box if needed. For a class with five and six digit ID’s use six digit forms and fill in the first digit with a zero for students with five digits.

7. If a test form with 70 or 100 questions is copied too small, try enlarging it to see if this helps. But, remember that the entire rectangle around the answer must be in the camera view.

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