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Standards-Based Scoring and Reporting

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2015 03:20PM CDT
If you do standards-based scoring and reporting, you can transfer those scores into your gradebook directly from Naiku. There are three proficiency levels in Naiku: Not Proficient, Approaching Proficient, and Proficient. You can specify the point value (i.e., proficiency score) that you want to give for each level. For example, you may want to give 0 points for Not Proficient, 2 point for Approaching Proficient, and 4 points for Proficient. This is the default setting in Naiku. To set your own proficient level scores, click on your name at the top to go to your user profile settings.

The Standards-Based Grading Settings section (see below) allows you to specify the cutscores (in percentage points) for the proficiency levels. Also, it allows you to specify the number of points (scores) you want to assign for each proficiency level. In the example below, the teacher has set a cutscore of 50% for a student to be categorized into Approaching Proficient and a cutscore of 70% for a student to be in the Proficient level. Students scoring below 50% would be categorized as Not Proficient.

The proficiency scores have been set to 0, 2, and 4. This means that a students at the Not Proficient level will get a score of 0. A student in the Approaching Proficient level will receive a score of 2. Students at the Proficient level will receive a score of 4.

In the example above, if a student scores above 70% on a standard, the student would be categorized into the Proficient category, and subsequently, would receive a proficiency score of 4 for that standard. The score of 4 is what is exported to your standards-based gradebook.
Transferring Proficiency Scores by Standard
To transfer the proficiency scores from Naiku into your gradebook, follow these steps.

1. Open the Class Results report for the assessment that has your standards-based scores. The example below shows a Class Results page for a test that assessed two standards. Note that the total test score is provided for each student. Also note that the scores for each standard is also provided. 

2. To transfer the standards-based proficiency scores to your gradebook, select one of the standards from the drop-down selection menu. In the example below I've selected to transfer the proficiency scores for standards "MN2007_Math_8_1".

3. After selecting the standard, open up your gradebook in another tab on your browser. Note: Your gradebook may look different from the one shown below. In your gradebook, go to the assignment (i.e., test) that you want to transfer the scores from Naiku. Click on the very first cell in the column for that assessment. This should be the very first student (shown here sorted by last name) in the class. Press your Naiku HotKey (F2 in the example above). This will transfer the scores from Naiku into your gradebook.

And that's how you do standards-based scoring and reporting in Naiku.

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