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Importing SchoolNet Assessments

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2016 10:40AM CDT
Do you have tests currently in SchoolNet format? Did you know you can use those exams in Naiku. Follow the following steps to import the SchoolNet tests into Naiku.

Export Your SchoolNet Assessment
First, export your SchoolNet assessment. In SchoolNet, on the Test Detail page, select Test Actions and the 'Export Test.' Your file will be exported as a .zip file.

Import into Naiku
In Naiku, click on the ASSESSMENTS tab then click on Import. The import assessment screen is shown below.

Click on 'Browse' to select the .zip file that you saved. You can choose the Grade, the Subject, and enter Tags for the test. For example, if your test questions came from chapter 12 of your textbook, you may want to enter the tag “Chapter 12”. This will tag all of the questions on this test with the term “Chapter 12”.  You can enter more than one tag; just separate them by a comma (e.g., “Chapter 12, Water Cycle”).

You can also choose to set the Sharing Level, Subject, and Tags for all the questions on the test. This will help you find these items later if you want to build a new test from these items. You can also align the items in this test to your local, state, or Common Core standards. If a standard does not exist for your items, you can choose “Uncategorized”.

Click on Start Import. You will see the file that is being imported and the progress. Go to the Assessments tab. You will see that the assessment has been imported when you see the name of the assessment you just imported.

Click on the assessment name to view the assessment. You can edit the assessment (e.g., change the assessment name, choose to ask for confidence, add instructions, etc.). Then assign the test to a class. ‚Äč

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