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Importing Students with the Access Code Login Method

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2016 02:39PM CDT
To import your students using the access code login method, start by creating your classes. Do this by clicking on the ‘Classes’ tab at the top of any Naiku screen. Then select ‘New Class.’ You will be directed to the class creation page (shown below)

Here, you will want to add a name for your class (ex: Math Period 1). You can also add a grade and/or subject but these are not mandatory. Now add an external ID which is just an identifier. This can be the same as the name of your class as the example above shows or something different. Click ‘Create.’ Repeat this for all of your courses (ex: Math Period 1, Math Period 2, etc.).

Once all of your classes have been created, you will want to create a sample test. Once your sample test is created, navigate to that assessment and click ‘Assign’ (shown below). A pop up window will appear allowing you to select those classes that you just created. Highlight all of your classes and then click ‘Assign Assessment.’

With the assessment assigned to your classes, select the ‘Assessments’ tab at the top of any Naiku screen. You will see the test that you just assigned a couple of times at the top, depending on how many classes you assigned the test to. In the screenshot below, you will see an assessment for each class that the test was assigned to as well as the original copy of the test. Notice that to the right of each assessment, you will see which class the assessment is assigned to.

Now click on the name of the assessment that is assigned to the class you are looking for. You will be brought to that assessment page. On the left hand side you will see the ‘Access Code’ along with the class that this exam is assigned to (you will also see other classes that it is assigned to under ‘Also in’).

Share the access code with the students and instruct the students to navigate to The Naiku login page has two sections (shown below), a section for students to login using their login and password (on the left) and a section for the Access Code login (on the right).

Students should enter the access code in the box labeled ‘Code’. Once they are logged in they will be directed to the page below. Here they should enter their first name, last name, and password (email is not mandatory). Note: make sure students do not have spaces before or after their first name and last name. This will create problems when they try to log back in.

Once students have enter this info they can login and take the test. Their accounts will now be created. The student’s logins will be as follows
Login: firstname+lastname (no spaces)
Password: (whatever they input for the password when filling out the form above)
Once a student has signed in, they are now a part of your class roster and school roster. For the next assessment, they should login using their login and password.

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