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Creating Equations in Naiku

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2016 02:21PM CDT
Adding basic equations involving fractions and exponents into Naiku can be done easily from the formula menu when creating a question.

To create a fraction, enter the "/" key and a fraction will be automatically created.

To create exponents or subscripts, use the "^" and "_" keys respectfully. Once the formula looks correct in the box, select "Copy and paste into stem." This will place the LaTex code into the stem of the question.

For more detailed formulas, there are a number of options. Naiku comes equipped with the code language of LaTex. Therefore, all LaTex codes work in the formula creator. A list of Latex Codes can be found here.

Additionally, you can use web equation programs to create the latex code for you. The easiest example is MyScript. This allows you to write the equation you want on the screen and then use the LaTex code in Naiku.

Example: I want to create the "square root of 36 is equal to x" in Naiku. Writing this in myscript gives the following Latex code (found on the right side of the screen): \sqrt{36}=x

To add this into Naiku, type "$$" and then paste the code from MyScript, then add "$$" at the end. The result looks like the following:

The final product on Naiku looks like the following:

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