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NEW: Creating Algorithmic Items

Last Updated: Sep 05, 2017 07:58AM CDT
This item type presents students with a question containing variables that are randomly replaced by the Naiku system based on settings provided by the teacher. Responses are automatically graded against a answer based on random variables and a mathematical formula.

To create an Algorithmic item, click on the New Item drop-down and select "Algorithmic".

Write your question in the stem. Put the variables that are to be replaced with numbers in curly brackets { }.

Enter variables for the system to replace based on the settings in the Random Variable box. Set the Min, Max, and Step (increment). 

Enter the answer variable and formula. You can use +, -, /, *, and ^ (for power).

In the example item below, students are given a simple addition problem. The variable x will vary from 1 to 5 in steps of 1. The variable y will vary from 5 to 10 in increments of 1. The answer variable is z and is defined as x+y.

When students take the test, they will see this.

We hope you enjoy this new item type and find many ways to use it.

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