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Searching Inspect Passages

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2017 04:44PM CDT
You can now search for passages from the Inspect bank. Follow the steps below to search for passages and add the items associated with the passage to your assessment. 

From your assessment creation page, click on Search Items. Select "Inspect" for the Item Bank. Select "Passage with subitems" for Type.

You can also choose to search by words in the passage. Simply enter the word(s) into the Stem field.

Note that passages are not aligned to a Subject, Depth of Knowledge, or Bloom's level. So make sure you leave those fields blank.

Note that in the example below, we are searching for all passages as we have not entered anything into the Stem field. 

After you click on Search, you'll see how may passages were found that met your search criteria. In the example below, note that we found 769 passages.

If you click on the name of a passage, it will open that passage in another tab in your browser. This will show the passage at the top and the associated items (called sub-items) at the bottom.

To add this passage and the sub-items to your test, simply check the box next to the passage name. Be sure you are back in the assessment create page by clicking on the appropriate tab in your browser.

In the example below, we clicked on the box next to the Snail Project passage to add that and its sub-items to the test. From this page, you can choose to remove any sub-item that you don't want to include on your test. For example, this Snail passage has 19 sub-items, and all 19 sub-items were added to the test. If I only want 10 of those sub-items on the test, I can remove any sub-item by clicking on the "minus circle" (that small red circle icon) to remove that item from my test.

Don't forget to name your assessment. Click on Save Assessment to finish creating your assessment.

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