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Naiku Star User Guide

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2016 03:45PM CDT
Follow this 6-step process to quickly become a Naiku Star User.

Process / Status

Suggested Activities


Naiku Newbie

Log in to your account and verify class rosters. Give students their usernames and passwords. Tell them to go to and click on Sign-in. 


Naiku Newbie

Try Naiku for the first time by starting a Quick Question session. This is a great way to do quick, on-the-fly, formative assessment. You don’t even have to create any questions. Click on the class. Then click on Quick Question. Tell the students to do the same. Now ask the students to respond Yes or No to this question: “Naiku is cool. I want to use this more.”

Try giving a Benchmark Now assessment. These are pre-made tests in Math and ELA that are aligned to the Common Core. Click on Assessments and search for them by entering “benchmark now” in the Tag field. Then assign one of the tests to your class.


Naiku Newbie

Create your first test. Make it a short Quick Key quiz (no more than 10 multiple choice questions). With Quick Key, you don’t have to create or enter the question into Naiku. Just upload a test that you already have in PDF or Word format. 

Deliver the test at the beginning of class. Close and Score the test. Review the Class Results and Item Results reports. Familiarize yourself with these reports. You’ll use them a lot. For example, use the Item Results report to engage in rich discussions with students about the test questions, particularly the ones they had difficulty with. Notice how quickly you can discover and pinpoint challenge areas for the class.


Naiku Practitioner

Continue your Naiku practice. Create your second test. Create different types of questions, such as Constructed-Response or Matching questions. Add images to the questions. You might also want to ask students to rate their Confidence. Ask students to do Reflection immediately after they get their results.

Have tests in ExamView, Test Generator, or other industry standard test formats? Import those tests into Naiku. Note, you have to export those tests out into a Blackboard file format first (you’ll get a .zip file) before you can import the test into Naiku. 


Naiku Expert

Enhance your Naiku skills. Create and assign another test to your students. Try out the other features such as setting a time limit or asking students to justify their answers for some question (select the More option for those questions). 

If you’re using Naiku with other teachers who teach the same subject, create a common assessment together and deliver it to both of your classes. Remember, once the test is created, re-assign the test to your class. You don’t have to recreate it. Don’t forget to share your test at the District or World level so that others can use it.


Naiku Star

Explore how you can use Naiku in different ways. Consider alternatives to further engage your students. Create a test and assign it as homework or as a practice or intervention exercise. Ask students to create daily goals or journals. Create a survey test and ask students to rate their performance and monitor progress towards their goals. Post a question to the Study Room and ask students to respond and critique each other’s responses. This is a great self- and peer-assessment activity.

You’re a Naiku Star! Congratulations! Share your new star status with the world. Tweet: “I just completed the Naiku Star Program. I’m a Naiku Star User. I Naiku, Do U? @naikuinc”

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