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20 Ways to Use Quick Question

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2015 03:29PM CDT

Taking a quick pulse of the classroom with a question is an effective formative assessment practice. Here are 20 popular ways that teachers are using Quick Question. 

  1. Anticipatory Set -- Ask students the key question of today's lesson.
  2. Review Session -- Use questions at end of the chapter for review.
  3. Essential Question -- Daily group review of important concepts helps students activate meta-cognition.
  4. Discussion Starter -- Ask students about current or historical events.
  5. Story Engagement -- Ask students about stories as they read them. 
  6. Vocabulary Pre-tests -- Ask vocabulary questions to focus students on the right words or concepts.
  7. Mechanics and Grammar -- Questions on mechanics and grammar can be a fun game.
  8. Class Activity -- Ask students to vote on a class activity. 
  9. Story Prediction -- Ask students to predict what will happen next in a story.
  10. Exit Tags-- Ask students to rate their understanding of the lesson.
  11. Science Experiments -- Ask students to predict the outcome of an experiment.
  12. Intervention Groups -- Form students into groups and ask only those students. You don't need a projector since the results are sent to each student's device. 
  13. Out of Class -- Work with small groups out of the class, in the hall, media center, or any place with internet connection. 
  14. Field Trips -- Ask students to about the class field trip to the museum or other out of school activities.
  15. School Clubs -- Ask students in clubs or groups about their activities. Students don't need to be enrolled in a teacher's class to use Naiku.
  16. Faculty/Staff Meetings -- Ask staff to vote on a proposal.  
  17. Parent Groups -- Ask parents at PTA meetings to vote on topics. 
  18. Team Games -- Form students into teams and ask the one team member to respond for the team in a game activity. 
  19. Presentation Support -- Engage our audience with a question to check for understanding and make sure they are following along. 
  20. Make Up Games -- Let students make up games or activities that are academically related to increase student engagement.

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