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Importing a Test in CSV Format

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2016 10:42AM CDT
Another quick and easy way to create a test in Naiku is to import it from a .csv file.  You can create the test in .csv format in several ways. 

1. Create it in Excel (or other spreadsheet applications). Enter the question type in the first column, the question (i.e. stem) in second column, and the answer or answer choices in the subsequent columns. For multiple-choice questions, put an asterisk (*) before the choice to mark that as the answer. Save your Excel file as a .csv file.

2. Create it in a text editor. You can create your .csv file directly from most text editors. Simply type your questions per the format below, putting a comma between the question type, stem, and answer choices. Save your text file with .csv extension.

When you create the .csv file, you will get a file where the values are separated by commas. See the sample file below (this is how the .csv file looks when you open it with a text editor).

cr,Who was the first President of the United States?,Washington,George Washington
cr,Name a primary color.,red,green,blue
mc,This is a multiple choice question where the answer is C., A, B, *C,D
mc,The correct answer to a multiple choice question should start with a *.,*Yes,No
mc,"When you have a comma in a question, put the question in quotes like this.", *True, False
mc,What is 5+4?,1,6,8,*9
mc,There are two correct answers to this question. Select them both. What is the square root of 16?,*+4,*-4,+6,-6
ma,Match the countries and their capitals.,Austria,Vienna,USA,Washington DC,Germany,Berlin 
cr,Name one of the three item types that is supported.,constructed response (cr),multiple choice (mc),matching (ma)

Note that you can create constructed-response (cr), multiple-choice (mc), and matching (ma) items.

Constructed response questions start with "cr". In the first question about the first President of the United States, note that there are two possible correct answers. If students enter "Washington" or "George Washington", either answer will be automatically scored as correct. Similarly, the second question about primary colors has three possible correct answers all of which are automatically scored.

Multiple choice questions start with "mc" and the correct answer is starts with an asterisk (*). Note that you can have multiple correct answers in multiple choice items. See the question above about the square root of 16.  

Matching questions start with "ma". The correct ordered pairs are entered together. In the example about countries and their capitals, Austria, USA, and Germany would be shown on the left and the options (Vienna, Washington DC, and Berlin) would be randomly shown on the right for the student to pick from.

Note that if you have any commas in the question, put the whole question in quotes. See the example True/False question above. 

After you've created your .csv file, in Naiku, go to Assessments and select Import. Then click on Choose File to select your .csv file. Note that for CR items (also called FITB items), you have the option to select whether you want to allow for mis-spelling.


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