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Scoring Multiple Response Items

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2016 10:42AM CDT

The Multiple Response Item Type

Multiple response items are  multiple choice items with more than one correct answer. The remaining response options are distractors (i.e., incorrect responses). Students are directed to identify all the correct answers. Below is an example of a multiple response question.


Select all the prime numbers from the list below:

*A. 3

 B. 4

*C. 5

 D. 6

*E. 7

 F. 8

The correct answers (A, C, E) are marked with an asterisk.

Scoring Multiple Response Items

Multiple response items can be scored on an all-or-none basis where the student is given one point for selecting all the correct options and none of the incorrect options and given zero points otherwise. Alternatively, multiple response items can be scored by giving one point for each correct option selected and one point for each distractor not selected. These are the two most common ways to score a multiple response item. 

Note that it would not be appropriate to score this item type by giving students a point for each correct option selected (and not penalize for any selection of incorrect options). Under this scoring method, students would just select all response options, to guarantee that they have selected all the correct options.

Scoring in Naiku:

Naiku scores multiple response questions on an all-or-none basis. This is the most common method and the method preferred by teachers. To score via partial credit, we recommend creating questions using the multiple yes/no item type. This type scores students as correct or incorrect for each answer choice. 

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